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Aquaculture Intelligence

Unleashing Aquaculture Advancement through AI Data

Go beyond real-time data. Manolin accelerates aquaculture data intelligence for farms & suppliers better than anyone else.

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Manolin powers world leading aquaculture companies

Future Proofing Aquaculture

Safeguarding Aquaculture with AI-Driven Insights

Manolin's data platform enables the aquaculture industry to harness artificial intelligence across both private and public data networks. We partner with farmers, feed suppliers, and other companies to optimize, protect, and scale product usage & operations more effectively than ever before.




Accelerate Farm insights

A Proactive Approach to Aquaculture Management

Manolin aggregates fish health data from thousands of sources and employs AI-learning models to clean and validate your data. Our real-time analytics generates accurate and reliable forecasts and streamlines insights so you can make informed decisions faster than ever. Best of all, our support staff is there to assist you every step of the way.

How Manolin Works

We Help You Scale Smarter, Faster



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Aquaculture Intelligence Helps

You Focus on What Matters 


Instantly know the best treatments to use

Unlock immediate knowledge through farm analysis and discover the optimal treatments to significantly reduce mortality and disease.

Reduce operational costs across all sites

Strategically grow with Manolin's insights. Cut operational costs effortlessly across multiple sites and watch your ROI improve.

Optimize product usage

Unleash the full potential of aquaculture products and achieve unparalleled efficiency with optimized usage for your farms.

Forecast performance & benchmark across the industry

Stay one step ahead of the competition by accurately forecasting performance and benchmarking against industry standards.

Manolin for Farmers

Streamline Farm Performance with One Automated Platform

Use the farmer platform to protect yields and reduce costs. We model fish health risk and ROI on products in ways other companies cannot, guiding you through through strategic investments for your operation.

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Manolin for Suppliers

Optimize Trials and Intelligence with Real-time Metrics

By working directly with farms who contribute their data to performance research, we can help you build the true picture of how your product is performing in the field - not just at one site or in the lab.

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The Aquaculture Data Standard

Bring Confidence Back into the Data You Use

Sometimes things happen on farms that are out of your control. Data gets skewed and anomalies happen. With Manolin you'll know the data you rely on every day is cleaned and enriched so you can confidently make strategic decisions and discover operational insights, backed with data you trust.

hardwareless integrations

Seamlessly Centralize & Integrate Your Systems

Easily automate all the systems you rely on into one centralized platform with Manolin - no hardware necessary! With our flexible API, you can easily exchange data, automate workflows, and gain valuable insights to optimize your operations and drive productivity.

Manolin Integrations
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Easily identify risk to your farm by quickly locating problem areas and assessing biomass and fish weight in your specific region. Track and compare the performance of farms by generation, enabling direct historical comparisons with other sites.

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