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Aquaculture Benchmarking

Unlock the ability to instantly compare aquaculture products & performance

No More Spreadsheets

Farms Need a Way to Easily Compare Products & Metrics

Aquaculture farms face numerous challenges when it comes to product selection comparing options effectively. Without reliable data and insights, farms may end up with suboptimal products, leading to reduced efficiency, increased costs, and potentially negative impacts on the environment. That's where Manolin's Benchmarking comes in — a game-changer for the industry.

Comprehensive Benchmarking

Streamline Product & Operational Decision-Making with Confidence

Tired of endless hours review data manually? Benchmarking does the heavy lifting for you. Our simplified solution makes evaluating product and operational performance easier than ever, giving you the ability to benchmark anything at any time.

How it Works

Predictive Aquaculture Platform


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Future-Proof Risk

Proactive benchmarking allows you to make smarter decisions, save costs, and advance your operations. 

Reduce Costs

Proactive benchmarking allows you to make smarter decisions, save costs, and advance your operations. 

Scale Efficiently

Proactive benchmarking allows you to make smarter decisions, save costs, and advance your operations. 

Benchmarking Farm Guide

Discover What Contributes to Your Farm's Generational Successes

Benchmarking Guide
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no more guessing

Save Time & Money Evaluating Aquaculture Products

Stop guessing what products will work best for your specific operation. We'll help you discover what products fit your needs

  • Eliminate manual time-consuming tasks
  • Optimize product offerings and stay ahead of the competition
  • Transform raw data into meaningful insights faster
Reveal real-time Performance

Discover How You Perform Against the Industry

Manolin gives you a holistic real-time outlook on how you stack up against the industry key performance metrics across growth, mortality, feed, harvest, & lice.

  • Instantly visualize your key metric comparisons
  • Make informed decisions more confidently
  • Tailor product usage to fit your specific needs
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Go Beyond Research

Unlock Insights & Easily Compare Performance Research


Access a detailed performance review

We unlock complex data sets and turn them into detailed performance reviews with actionable comparative insights to drive informed decision-making

Uncover optimization recommendations

Our in-depth analysis helps companies better position themselves in the market, identify areas of improvement, and stay competitive

Discover deeper insights for customers

Leverage data insights for customers to better personalize your product offerings to improve product usage and delight customers experience

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"With just a few clicks, I’m able to put together information that would have previously taken me… quite honestly a lot of time."

Hårvard Tennebø, CFO, Blom Fiskeoppdrett AS
For Suppliers

Compare Your Products Against the Competition

Our platform removes barriers to entry in aquaculture research, enabling your company to shorten timelines and expedite results. Plan more research with your current budget and discover performance results in weeks, not years.

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For Farmers

Farm Smarter Using the Right Products for Your Operations

Elevate your aquaculture farm to new heights with our tailored benchmarking tools. Gain unparalleled visibility into your farm's performance, compare it against the industry, and unlock the potential for sustainable growth.

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