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Why Manolin

Aquaculture Prediction Software

Unlocking millions of insights in aquaculture through data intelligence
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Intelligence Starts with Manolin

The Data Intelligence Opportunity

Aquaculture companies are developing insights and making decisions without getting the full picture. Big data and AI technology provides a solution for industry leaders to obtain deep learning within the industry. With Manolin, companies now have a solution to make the most intelligent and informed decisions possible.

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Why You Need Data Intelligence 

Aquaculture Data Intelligence Benefits

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Reduce Operational Costs

Manolin guides your team with expert insights so you can improve fish health, reduce mortalities, and streamline operational budgets. We save farms time & money by personalizing the way you manage operations.

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Scale Performance Faster

Our AI-driven data platform accelerates your competitive advantage across the aquaculture industry. Forecast growth, mitigate diseases, and benchmark performance faster than ever before.

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Future Proof Fish Health

Discover what it's like to look into future and be prepare to mitigate risk well before it's too late. Our platform identifies risk trends and gives your in app recommendations for your team.

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Grow Aquaculture Science

Manolin guides your team with expert insights so you can improve fish health, reduce mortalities, and streamline operational budgets. We save farms time & money by personalizing the way you manage operations.

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Improve Fish Products

Quickly learn how your products perform in the field and validate your R&D in weeks, not months. With key performance recommendations you can implement your product strategy even faster now.

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Help Customers Thrive

Being able to expedite research and product evaluation enables your team to better support both your sales teams and customers with clearer insights and direction on product usage.

Fast-Track Decisions, Knowledge, & Guidance


Accelerate The Value of Your Existing Data

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Aquaculture Fish Health

Optimize Fish Welfare Faster

Manolin helps farms and suppliers optimize fish health and welfare backed by machine learning models and powered by millions of data points. Our fish welfare platform Watershed gives you instant warnings and risk alerts, informs you with actionable data-backed recommendations, and allows you to constantly monitor your farm sites' real-time in-field performance.

  • No more spreadsheets or manual data entry

  • Instant real-time in-field performance reporting

  • AI data-driven insights & actionable recommendations

  • Instantly visualize your entire farms health

Uncover Key Performance Insights Faster

Conduct Research in Weeks, Not Years

With access to Big Data and AI modeling, companies can now streamline research like never before, enabling teams to expertly conduct research in weeks, not years

  • Clean unstructured data and turn it into actionable directives for teams

  • Expedite in-field product research with millions of data points

  • Retain & improve customer relationships with clearer product guidance

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Reduce Risk & PRedict Success

Reveal What's Working & What's Not

Managers need concrete data in a simple, visual, and organized manner, to confidently compare how well they're performing and where improvements can be made. Manolin helps teams to eliminate any guesswork, and ensure that your strategies are based on solid, actionable insights, backed by precise data-drive benchmarks.

  • Compare & measure performance against the aquaculture industry

  • Mitigate regulatory risks with improved data confidence

  • Save time & money evaluating and proactively managing your risk


"One of the main reasons for our improvement is we’re acting much more quickly now than we used to. Manolin is a better overview, a better tool to monitor things like mortality, feeding rates, and sea lice."

Kristian Botnen, CEO, Lingalaks
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