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Data Anonymization & PRivacy

Accurate Insights Without Compromising Your Farm's Intellectual Property

We put your farms data needs first. Get unparalleled data insights while retaining data privacy & anonymization.
Why Share Data with Manolin

Discovering Insights While Safeguarding Your Data

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Data Anonymization

We remove all personal identifiable information before using farm data

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Opt-Out Anytime

You determine what sponsored research studies your data is used in

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Expert Insights

Collective farm data helps Manolin develop better industry insights

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Tailored Results

Study results are tailored to your farms' specific recommendations

Step One: Clean Imported Data

Manolin Clean's All Farm Data to Improve Our Data Pool's Accuracy

Refined and enhanced data from all our farm contributors enhances the precision and advantages of each study conducted on Manolin. Although raw data holds inherent value, our priority upon importing data into our pool is the meticulous elimination of anomalies and inaccuracies from each source.

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Step Two: Anonymize Farm Data

We Remove All Personal Identifiers Across All Farm Data Inputs

Farm privacy and intellectual property is our top priority. As we analyze and dissect data for each study, we meticulously remove any personal information that could identify you. This guarantees that your data remains untraceable, providing an extra level of security. All while creating collective value to your farm and others across the industry.

Anonymized Identifiers
Step Three: Verify Study Participation

Join Sponsored Research You Love.
Opt Out of One's You Don't.

With the Manolin Network we put you in control of what sponsored research studies you want your data to be a apart of. By default, your data is opted into any ongoing sponsored research studies. However, at any point in time, simply opt-out of the studies you don't want to participate in - no questions asked. 

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Tailored Research Results

Join Researcher today.
Get personalized research reports.

When you join Researcher, your farm will receive a personalized report for every sponsored study for we conduct. Manolin partners with industry leaders, conducting the most new and innovative aquaculture research in weeks, not years. That means your farm will always be at the forefront of industry knowledge, getting tailored insights faster than ever.


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"One of the main reasons for our improvement is we’re acting much more quickly now than we used to. Manolin is a better overview, a better tool to monitor things like mortality, feeding rates, and sea lice."

Kristian Botnen, CEO, Lingalaks
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